Conclave Training Initiative

The purpose of the Conclave Training Initiative (CTI) is to provide at least one training session each year for sections to use to augment their own conclave training. CTI was created based on a goal from the 2003-2007 OA Strategic Plan calling for " initiative to enhance learning opportunities at section conclaves".

Each year, at camps across the United States, Arrowmen gather for section conclaves: weekends of fun, fellowship and training. Though the needs of each section and lodge are different, the National OA Committee desired a way to promote increased quality of conclave trainings, as well as a uniformity of presentations regarding certain important topics, such as the themes of national OA conferences. It was out of this desire to provide support for training programs that the Conclave Training Initiative (CTI) was created. By delivering training with a consistent message, useful information and a creative approach, CTI aims to enhance the quality of training at conclave, with session that cover topics ranging from Cub Scouting to the Journey to Excellence program. The CTI team encourages you to take advantage of these truly unique and informative sessions by incorporating them into your conclave training plan.

Resource materials are also available in PDF format online through this web site. Accompanying PowerPoint presentations are also available online.

To download the PowerPoint presentations for later use, move your mouse over the presentation you want and right click once. This will bring up a menu, then select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Chrome/Firefox). A file save box will pop up, and you can specify a file name and folder to put it in.

Are you a section trainer? Do you have a great idea on how to improve conclave trainings? If so, find out how you can enhance the trainings offered at conclaves across the nation by participating in the CTI Circle of Excellence program.

CTI Resources

Session Development and Writing Guide - Download (476K bytes)

Available Sessions:

Session 1: The 2003-2007 OA Strategic Plan - "A Legacy of Servant Leadership"

Session 1 Resource Material (594K bytes)
Session 1 PowerPoint Presentation (701K bytes)

Session 2: Brotherhood Conversion - "Understanding and Meeting Quality Lodge Requirements"

Session 2 Resource Material (398K bytes)
Session 2 PowerPoint Presentation (1037K bytes)

Session 3: OA Troop/Team Representative - "A Guide to Effective Local Program"

Session 3 Resource Material (398K bytes)
Session 3 PowerPoint Presentation (750K bytes)

Session 4: OA Scoutreach Mentoring - "An Arrowman's Introduction"

Session 4 Resource Material (1.38M bytes)
Session 4 PowerPoint Presentation (958K bytes)

Session 5: The OA and Cub Scouting - "The Order's Role"

Session 5 Resource Material (294K bytes)
Session 5 PowerPoint Presentation (973K bytes)

Session 6: Supporting the Council - "The Lodge's Role in Council Support"

Session 6 Resource Material (207K bytes)
Session 6 PowerPoint Presentation (1.0M bytes)
Session 6 Resource Handout (130K bytes)

Session 7: Living the Legacy - "The Order of the Arrow 2008-2012 Strategic Plan"

Session 7 Resource Material (156K bytes)

Session 8: ArrowCorps5 - "Making it Happen Back Home"

Session 8 Resource Material (110K bytes)

Session 9: Membership Retention

Session 9 Resource Material (457K bytes)
Session 9 PowerPoint Presentation (219K bytes)

Session 2012: Servant Leadership and Journey to Excellence

Session Servant Leadership (195K bytes)
Resource Servant Leadership Handout (119K bytes)
Session Journey to Excellence (148K bytes)

Session 2014: Centuries of Service: The 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

Session 100th Anniversary (Version 2) (163K bytes)
Session 2014 Light Background PowerPoint Presentation (9.71M bytes)
Session 2014 Dark Background PowerPoint Presentation (9.71M bytes)

Session 2015: Building an Effective Social Media Program

Session Material (467K bytes)

Session 2015: Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence Presentation (1.9M bytes)
Journey to Excellence Material (795K bytes)
Journey to Excellence Worksheet (715K bytes)

Session 2016: Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations Presentation (3.1M bytes)
Alumni Relations Material (407K bytes)
Alumni Relations Poster (199K bytes)
Alumni Relations Poster (320K bytes)

Session 2016: eNewsletters

eNewsletters Material (337K bytes)
eNewsletters Sample Article Text (209K bytes)

Session 2016: OA High Adventure

OA High Adventure Presentation (10.1M bytes)
OA High Adventure Material (402K bytes)
OA High Adventure Base Activities (121K bytes)
OA High Adventure Boundary Waters Map (1.5M bytes)
OA High Adventure Sea Base Map (266K bytes)
OA High Adventure Summit Map (1.9M bytes)



Online CTI Material Formats

The online CTI Resource Materials are in "Portable Document Format" (PDF).

Get Information about the PDF format and how to read it.

The online CTI PowerPoint Presentations are in "Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation" (pps) format.

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