Boy Scouts of America Resolution Celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Order of the ArrowThe lasting legacies of ArrowCorps5Original national chief portfolio foundHigh Adventure Series: OA Summit ExperienceProfile in unselfish service: Clint TakeshitaFellowship provides Latin flare for ArrowmenMalibu Lodge’s Spook-O-Ree spooks Cub ScoutsPachachaug launches its “App-Tastic Adventure”Spirit Through the Ages : Langundowi Lodge HistoryNational Officer Election ProcessGreat Ordeals Starting and Continuing the Magic!The Dallas Experience

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Boy Scouts of America Resolution Celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

That the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America congratulates and expresses its sincere appreciation to the more than three million past and present members of the Order of the Arrow who have served diligently and faithfully during the past century to provide leadership in service to their council, community, and country.

Fellowship provides Latin flare for Arrowmen

During the weekend of October 10th-12th, 2014, members of Seminole Lodge met for a weekend-long fiesta. The lodge leadership came up with a fiesta-themed fellowship based on its yearly patch set and the local Latin culture. Around 100 Arrowmen attended, enjoyed various Latin-based meals and celebrated at the fiesta Saturday night.

Great Ordeals Starting and Continuing the Magic!

As Arrowmen we each completed the same Ordeal, however each of us had our own unique experience.  There is no question about the importance of conducting first-class Ordeals, however the more pressing question is how to make it happen. The first step to making a great Ordeal is easily stated, but is much harder to achieve.  This first step is communication.

High Adventure Series: OA Summit Experience

The Order of the Arrow’s Summit Experience program is the newest addition to the exclusive programs offered through OA High Adventure!

Malibu Lodge’s Spook-O-Ree spooks Cub Scouts

 How do lodges keep a strong connection with packs in their councils? Scare the Cub Scouts of course! Malibu Lodge in the western Los Angeles area did just that on November 1st, 2014. The lodge invited Cub Scouts and parents to attend their annual Spook-O-Ree at Camp Josepho for an evening of fun, food and frights. Each of the chapters in the lodge were responsible for games and decorating a room for the haunted house. After decorating the lodge and setting up the games, Cub Scouts were welcomed and given numerous activities to choose from to have a good time. From bobbing for apples to bean bag tosses and photo ops with costume items, there was something for everyone.

National Officer Election Process

It is a proud moment when the Chief's Bonnet is passed to the new National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. But how is a new chief actually elected? Who does the election, and what process do they go through to find the new youth leaders for our organization? Learn more about the National Officer Election Process.

Original national chief portfolio found

 After being lost for nearly fifty years, the case that held the original national chief bonnet has been found!

Pachachaug launches its “App-Tastic Adventure”

You walk into your lodge’s fall fellowship and everywhere you look you see Arrowmen playing iOS and Android games. In one area, members of the lodge executive committee (LEC) are playing Angry Birds. Outside the dining hall some recent Ordeal members are wrapped up in a game of Flappy Bird. This is a Scout leader’s worst nightmare, right? A Scouting event where everyone is just wrapped up in their phone?

Profile in unselfish service: Clint Takeshita

Clint Takeshita is the National Order of the Arrow Committee vice chairman for the membership and retention task force

Spirit Through the Ages : Langundowi Lodge History

Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Langundowi Lodge was founded in 1972 with the merger of Eriez Lodge 46, Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da Lodge 251, and Skanondo Inyan Lodge 256. Over its forty-two year history, Langundowi has used its rich history to foster lodge traditions that continue to inspire camaraderie among lodge members.

The Dallas Experience

Every year, Section Chiefs, members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, and some support staff gather in Dallas for the biggest OA planning event of the year. These top leaders from all over the country assemble for an intensive four-day session, known as the Order of the Arrow National Planning Meeting.

The lasting legacies of ArrowCorps5

In 2008 the Order of the Arrow coordinated a nationwide service project: Five Sites, Five Weeks, Five Thousand Arrowmen