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The Order of the Arrow has several publications available to help Arrowmen in carrying out the OA program.

Guide to Inductions

This guide brings together all aspects of the induction process and provides a suggested structure for the inductions committee to follow. It provides the current policies and is filled with information about the inductions process from the Unit Election, to Call-Out, through the Ordeal, and on to Brotherhood.

Guide to Unit Elections

This guide provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. Lodges and chapters are encouraged to copy and reference sections of the Guide to Unit Elections and provide them to officers, committees, and advisers that need them. 

Lodge History Resource Guide now available

This new resource includes insights and best practices from Scouting historians. Tucked into the pages of this book is guidance for tactile and ideological approaches so that you are able to not only do history well, but also, in time, to be able to think like a historian.

OA Fact Sheets

Looking for basic information about the Order of the Arrow? Want to print out a simple one-page document to share with your chapter or lodge? Look no further – OA fact sheets are available now and continuing to be developed. Check back for updates to the fact sheet collection to expand your knowledge of the Order of the Arrow and its programs!

Order of the Arrow Business Plan: 2017-2020

The intent of the Order of the Arrow’s Business Plan is to outline the areas of growth for the OA’s National Committee during the 2017-2020 time period. By addressing our challenges, the body intends to create a better organization for present and future members through a specific focus on fostering successful lodge development. This should in turn permeate the chapter and section levels.


The Order of the Arrow has several publications available to help Arrowmen in carrying out the OA program. Electronic versions of these publications are available online.

Religious Resources

Scouts and Scouters promise in the Scout Oath to do our duty to God. The Scout Law ends by reminding us that a Scout is reverent. As an official program of the Boy Scouts of America, the Order of the Arrow seeks to promote these principles in everyday life. The information contained in this section has been created to provide resources to lodge leadership to be able to provide an atmosphere that will encourage spiritual growth that is consistent with Scouting principles through prayer and worship.

Safeguarded Material

To ensure that Scouts and Scouters who may be going through various Order of the Arrow ceremonies in the future do not have their experience lessened or spoiled, some of the material on this web site is protected.

Toward a Second Century of Service: Strategic Plan 2013-2017

The Strategic Plan for 2013 to 2017 was first presented at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference during the National Council of Chiefs meeting. Now it is available to the entire Order, allowing us to focus on a Journey to Excellence and a complete a century of service.