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The Order of the Arrow provides several national programs to benefit its members and Scouting. Find out the latest information on the different projects and activities the OA is undertaking or involved with in this section.

Developing Youth Leadership Conference

The Developing Youth Leadership Conference will deepen an adviser’s capacity to develop youth leadership within the lodge and chapter. Conference topics will include fostering a growth mindset, promoting resilience, providing constructive feedback that leads to changes in youth behavior and creating a life-long coaching/mentoring relationship. Conference participants will gain insights necessary to successfully coach youth applying the leadership skills they gained during the National Leadership Seminar.

Introducing JamboLink: your direct link to all things #2017Jambo

JamboLink is the location for all news leading up to and through the 2017 National Jamboree.

Journey To Excellence

When the Boy Scouts of America launched the new strategic plan, a transition was made to a new program to measure unit, district, and council performance. Following the Boy Scout's transition, the national OA committee adopted the Journey to Excellence program to replace the National Quality Lodge program. Journey to Excellence places emphasis on continuous improvement. Just as the Boy Scouts of America Journey to Excellence program recognizes each level of the organization, the OA's program creates Journey to Excellence recognition for chapters, lodges, and sections.

National Calendar

The National Program Calendar is published yearly and includes important dates for national events and programs. Each region, section, and lodge also publish calendars that are specific to the events and program in their area.

National Endowment

The National OA Endowment was formed more than 30 years ago as means for the Order to fund scholarships and special programs. The national Order of the Arrow committee oversees the annual program budget which is funded using the earnings from the national OA endowment.

National Leadership Seminar

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training program focusing on leadership development. Run by the Region Chief and his Advisers, it provides an in-depth look at leadership skills and techniques. An NLS discusses how these skills can be applied in your role in the OA and in other aspects of your life.

OA Mentoring

The Order of the Arrow Mentoring Program is a joint effort of the Boy Scouts of America and the Order of the Arow.  Its purpose is to identify and assist urban and rural Scout troops whose camping and advancement programs are below standard.

Troop/Team Representative

The National Committee of the Order of the Arrow ensured the organization's primary duty to a Scout's unit be maintained through the Troop/Team Representative program.